UX/UI Designer

Posti Oy, Helsinki

The OmaPosti Messaging feature was created to easily bridge the gap between e-commerce retailers and consumers. 

We started this project by validating the need of the feature - validation consisted of user interviews and ideation workshops with our stakeholders. After which we pitched the idea to Posti's innovation lab for funding and became the first idea to receive funding for MVP Development!

During the agile development of the MVP we ran threat modelling workshops and user testing on the prototype, to make sure we were meeting the consumer needs.

We ran into a few challenges during our development, one being funding - we overshot our budget and had to pitch the further development of the feature for extra funding and another being the introduction of a design system - resulting in a redesign. 

Due to NDA, here's a few designs before the design system implementation; 

  •    Helsinki, FI

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